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Man - Depression - 36 years old (03-08-2017)

​rTMS for me was in no uncertain terms a life saver. I understand that it won’t necessarily work for everyone but if you have the EEG and find there is something "wrong" then I would absolutely recommend this course of treatment.

I struggled really badly never managing to have any balance in life, this seriously affected my ability to hold down a job for any length of time which is a big part in society and not just that but hold down any relationship both with the opposite sex and friends as I would be constantly in and out of their lives, sometimes for up to 18 months. 
This then created a vicious downward spiral as I’d then try even harder to stay “normal” which meant I was staying way later and getting to work earlier than my colleges just to keep up, which then leads to massive burn out at some point be it 3, 6, or 18 months down the line and then everyone wonders where you’ve disappeared to and why! The horrible thing is you feel like an outsider/weaker than everyone else because why is is not happening to them? Again this isn’t only work this affected me the same for relationships too. 
There was no room for happiness or relaxing and joining friends etc for drinks and social time because I felt I had a far bigger problem/struggle to solve but couldn’t let anyone know as ‘mental illness' is seen as a weakness (now I absolutely know its physical!) which is why I’d work so hard to pretend everything was well and good in front of work colleges, friends and family etc, but this would always lead to burn out and a stint of hibernation.
This started back in my mid teens and I’ve literally been on every pill/medication know to man but felt like I was losing a part of my real self and turning into a zombie, yes it calmed everything down but still didn’t address the main issue holding down a job and keeping relationships.
Fast forward 20 years and I was at the point of giving in I truly thought well thats it I’ve tried everything, diet, lifestyle, medication, meditation, CBT, psychotherapy you name it I’ve given it 110%.
So I heard about this rTMS, at the start I was really sceptical yet again just another daft treatment but I was at the point of no return so I thought I’ll give it a go I’ve nothing to lose.
The difference is night and day! I literally feel like the person I was over the last 20 years was a completely different man. I’m back to the confident, self assured, happy young man I once was, I no longer feel inadequate or lesser of a human being than anyone else, I no longer then have to work harder to be a the same level, I actually work far less and get far far more out of life than I ever did working two, three times as long and hard. Life is no longer this massive struggle and I have quiet and space in my head now for happiness, friends and relationships I’m able to retain information a lot easier so work is no problem anymore too! Which I might add I’ve even started my own business back up from a few years ago now I sticking around!
I’m writing this at least 4 weeks after because I just wanted to make sure it isn’t a placebo, best bit, its actually getting easier and all my friends and family have noticed a real change I know its worked and time will only confirm this to the doubters - but please understand its not a miracle cure you can’t go back to your old habits either otherwise you’ll lose the connections that the rTMS has repaired! For me it was easy as why would I go back to feeling inadequate and burning the night oil at both ends when I’m getting so much more from life running at 70% I will say I’m far more mindful of letting anyone walk all over me now too, as I’ve got my confidence back I only take on what I know I can manage anything else will have to wait! I relish new opportunities now instead of worrying and getting in to a mad panic too.
Please if you’ve tried everything yourself and think thats it go see Bram it could literally change your life.

Woman - Depression - 58 years old (7-6-2015)

Throughout my live I’ve suffered from depressive episodes. During such an episode I usually feel lethargic, and often times I would hit rock bottom. At that point I would think: I want to die, I don’t want this aweful life. Often my depressions where triggered by something in particular, and I would know what that particular thing was that made me depressive, but I simply couldn’t stop myself from falling into the depression.

Ever since I was twenty-five I’ve tried all kinds of therapies: Rogerian therapy, psychoanalytical therapy, contextual therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, all kinds of pills and so on. I did experience some positive effects these last years, but it isn’t enough. My psychologist had heard Bram Wernsen talk about TMS at a seminar, and therefore mentioned TMS as a possible solution for me.

After the intake and the EEG the treatment started. Bram mentioned to me that after ten sessions we would be able to evaluate if the treatment was working. After five sessions I didn’t notice any difference, so I started panicking: again failure? We did continue though, and around session eight I started feeling the change: no more rock bottom? Of course, I was careful at first, sceptic to believe the results of the treatment - but the results where maintained. Even now, after two months I still feel good. Sometimes I do feel somewhat lethargic but that I can handle. I learned to handle this. I can not even remember the last time not hitting rock bottom for such a long time. The thing is, I’m not even trying not to, it just doesn’t happen.

A bad sleeping pattern was often a trigger for me to fall in to depression. Bram mentioned that my sleeping pattern could also be positively influenced by the TMS treatment, as a side effect. Unfortunately this did not happen to me, so now I’m going to start neurofeedback to adress this problem. But even with my disturbed sleeping pattern I’m no longer depressive. Therefore I’m really happy that I underwent TMS Therapy.